Riding the Malahat

Early this summer we randomly went up the Malahat in a spot where we haven’t been since we were riding our dirtbikes. To our surprise much of the trails were now gravel roads, with lots almost ready to sell. We used the area to access powerlies and trails we remembered and had fun up there a few times.

The view is awesome at the top, but it can be quite a ride to get up there on road tires. The first time we headed up the DRZ was on Avon Distansias, but on our second run they had been swapped to Continental TKC80s. What a fantastic difference that made! Considering that my DRZ spends most of its weekends in the bush, it’s a move that should have been done a few years back.





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Oooh. Aren't you up for a surprise...

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  • May 2, 2017 at 4:18 pm
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    Nice. Will have to look at/for that. Looked like the trails off the S end of Goldstream Heights at one point, haven’t been that way for a while, will add it to my to-check-out list. -Tom

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