Update Olympic Peninsula

Holy smokes! We’ve been drowning in emails since the last post, it generated lots of interest, so here’s a thread for updates.

Here’s a few answers to those as of April 08, 2016

– Yes, we are very interested in enlarging our penises, although it tend to be a taboo among motorcyclists. Switching from road to dual-sport definitely helped, but anything is welcome after our “wedged dude between a tree and pulling prick with a quad” experiment, which wasn’t successful aside from proving efficient as an alternate method for circumcision-ish. We will send all 200 of you a blank check and will expect all the various syringes, scalpels, pills, herbs and powdered mammoth testicles we can afford. I, for one, cannot WAIT till I don’t need a ladder to climb on my roof anymore.

– We are sorry for your loss, Mr. Vice President of the Bonobo Republic of Africa, we are convinced the president was a good man and are sorry he got ill and died so quickly. I’m sure the 35 millions dollars (CAN) that was left as an inheritance will provide some comfort into this terrible grieving period providing that indeed you can transfer it to our bank account as per agreed via email and following our 2000$ pre payment. We are a bit worried that nothing was heard from you thus far, but we never lose hope! Fortune is coming our way, as per guaranteed by the great Vice President Mpatap Gmandandu.

– We would love 20% off on all our prescription lenses. As it’s well known, we at the Legion of old Motors are well past our prime and some of our basic human functionalities are starting to fail. We wouldn’t mind getting a discount on orthopedic shoes either.

– We are indeed looking for mobile apps to improve our business and further the traffic on our shit, and are deeply interested in your weird Indian SEO optimization scheme. You will get an email with all of our banking infos and revealing pictures of one of us’s butthole to sweeten the deal.

That’s it folks! Keep in touch, that’ll be a fantastic journey.

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Oooh. Aren't you up for a surprise...

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