Ride around the Olympic Peninsula

We’ve been riding on Southern Vancouver Island for many years, with little to no planning.

This summer, for a change, we will most probably head for a ride around the Olympic Peninsula after a quick ferry ride to Port Angeles.

We do not have a specific schedule nor path; inputs are welcome, as this is a new area for all of us. On our todo list is to hit Neah Bay, and doing as much dirt as possible, hitting some sight seeing spots along the way.

Thus far Karl and Brett are in, Ryan could be too providing that he sorts his passport issue (do it!). We also have 2 colleagues most possibly tagging along on their dual-sport. I suspect they will come up from Colorado.

If you are keen on such a ride, whether you know the area or not, odds are good that you would be very welcome. There’s a remote possibility that this ride will be posted on reddit /r/dualsport or /r/supermoto to see if we can muster a group of dual-sport enthusiasts who’d be happy to go on that trip.

So far it seems like we would make it a 2-3 days trip, possibly in April.


olympic peninsula

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Oooh. Aren't you up for a surprise...

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