Victoria – Summerland full ride

Here’s the complete video of my ride from Victoria to Summerland at the end of June 2014.

It rained 4 times on my way there, I saw 3 speed traps, 1 brown bear, almost got taken out by a fish and got pulled over for riding standing up (and given the breathalyzer for smelling like a party)

Fantastic ride, would do it again but not with a 50 pounds backpack.

Between Merritt and Princeton, where I took my first break. It wasn’t much aside from a comfortable enough resting spot. The weather was somewhat iffy.


Chain Lake, just past Princeton on the Princeton-Summerland road, maybe 20km in. It’s a great spot to camp surrounded by numerous signs forbidding camping. I didn’t camp there, too early in the day.



AT 5:53 in the above video, on the Princeton-Summerland road, taking a break from the bumpy dirt road.


Same spot. I sat there for a bit and enjoyed the view.


Pic taken on top of Campbell Mountain at 9:50. Penticton in the background.


Same as above but in a slightly different spot.


This was taken on Campbell Mountain, overlooking Penticton. The track under the powerlines was tempting but far too steep to attempt alone on sumo tires.


This is where I was at 12:45 in the video. The climb was steady and not looking back I didn’t get a sense of how high the hill actually was until I decided to head back down. The climb was well worth the view and the bushy photo.


I found this guy on the way back, between Summerland and Princeton.


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Oooh. Aren't you up for a surprise...

2 thoughts on “Victoria – Summerland full ride

  • March 14, 2015 at 8:13 am
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    you weren’t even onto the side road when he saw you standing, or was he already looking for you? it wasn’t even the main highway there. how did the incident turn out or you with the interaction with the police that day?

    • March 14, 2015 at 9:33 am
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      When he saw me standing, I was on a side road right next to Highway 97 and he was just passing by in the highway. I explained that I just did 8h on that shitty seat the day before, which he seemed to understand. He made sure I wasn’t driving under the influence (not over the limit at least) since he noticed there was a bit of a party smell coming out of my helmet, and let me go. Didn’t ticket me for standing up, very polite interaction overall. I can’t say that I agree with the “no stand up” rule, since standing on dual sport / sumo is not for stunting purposes, but overall it went pretty positively. The cop became pretty chilled once he noticed that I wouldn’t be mouthy and belligerent.

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