Ride to the Interior

Survivor Man Style DRZ Sumo Adventure in Interior BC

A couple of friends are getting married in Summerland and I figured, about a year ago, that it would be a great motorcycle ride getting there and back; 500km each way.  Friday June 27th it’ll be time to put the DRZ to the test.

Since nobody is keen on coming with, I’ll do it Boba Fett, lone ranger, Mad Max Road Warrior style. It’ll be me, my faithful DRZ Sumo, my backpack and my harmonica. If I had some hayauasca I could do it Les Stroud style, get lonely and eat some roots, but I don’t have any so I’m gonna pull a Man VS Wild and make a flashlight with my own piss.

Here’s the route I’m planning on taking :

interior road

Over the last few days I found a nice stretch of the Trans Canada Trail between Princeton and Summerland, about 90km of gravel road through logging and mining activities. I’ll fill up in Princeton and will take that isolated route for the last stretch of the road.

I haven’t worked on the timing all that much, but I’m planning on hanging a hammock in the bush Friday Night, most probably around Princeton, but ideally on that Trans Canada trail stretch. I looked at a few pics and it seems like I should be able to find a nice quiet spot to crash and roast some wieners around the area, maybe near Separation Lakes.



Here’s a list of stuff I’m bringing, some of it in my small tank bag and the bulk of it in my backpack (yea that won’t be annoying…)

  • Gear (Helmet, pants, jacket, boots, gloves)
  • Gas tank magnetic pack
  • Big ass backpack + Camelback
  • Hammock + hammock straps
  • Bungee cords / net
  • Camping consumables (whatever is needed in the bush)
  • MRS Fuel Bottle 1L
  • Doc Tape
  • BC roadmap – NOPE!
  • Spark plug
  • Various chargers (GoPro, Sena SMH5, Nokia 920)
  • Various tools (philips, flat, ratchet,  allen keys,  sockets)
  • Zapstraps
  • Sunscreen
  • Gopro accessories
  • Airpump
  • Small towel
  • Gardening shovel
  • Chain lube
  • Fire starter
  • Pocket knife
  • Flashlights
  • Lighters
  • Flint matches
  • Nokia 920 with GPS and all

EDIT – added

  • First aid kit (thanks Brett)
  • Flip flops
  • Bug spray
  • Hatchet (too heavy, no hatchet)
  • 10 mm socket
  • Fork (we’re not animals!)
  • misc foods

Probably totally overpacking here…




I’ll try to catch the 9am ferry on Friday, then Chilliwack, Hope and down south toward Princeton.  In Princeton, if everything goes well, I’ll fill up, grab a bite and head in the bush on the Trans Canada Trail.

Since it’s all about new and undiscovered things, I brought a can of chef Boyardee.  Never had it, and I expect the worse.

This should be an interesting trip.



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