Spokes needed and lost GoPro

Our 2014 season is up for a rough start;

The GasGas’ back wheel need to be respoked and one of our faithful gopros decided to eject from Ryan’s helmet. Unfortunately, the spokes on my trippy spanish supermoto wheel aren’t really easy to find. It’s a bit of a downside of this wonderful and unique bike; parts are sometimes hard to find.

Anyone could find spokes the the back wheel of my GasGas? Here’s whats written on it : “AGP Hub 4ΒΌ x 17, 36 holes, Morad Spain, 5.25 x 17, 36 TR, 3/05 E DOT”

I need all 36 spokes…

About the the GoPro, Ryan went for a nice day boot to Burnt Bridge and lost it while riding through mud and puddles. Unfortunately, he didn’t find it after searching for a while, and is pretty bummed out to have lost his rad footage (was riding especially crazy, according to his legendary tale). If you guys run into a GoPro first gen in this area, can you let us know?

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Oooh. Aren't you up for a surprise...

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