West Leech Falls – Revisited and documented

We were wondering where to go, on a Sunny Sunday of September. It would have been a waste to not do a bit of an epic ride on such a beautiful day.
Over time, we noticed on our website’s stats that we were continuously getting hits by visitors looking for the pics we took of West Leech Falls a couple of years ago, more precisely on the post Solo to West Leech Falls.

So we saddled up and decided to go back to West Leech and take some better photos / videos.

Here’s how it went down.

We started on Kangaroo road heading toward Sooke, then on Otter point road all the way to Butler Rd. We dragged the bikes under the gate at Butler main and went straight forward from there, until we realized we passed it.

loom - West Leech MAP

There’s a road going right through the falls, but unfortunately it’s on watershed land, and it’s definitely one of those gate that’s got no way around, over or under.


So we backed on our path for about 100 meters and rode through a very overgrown trail till it ended. From there, if you know what you’re doing (Lucky for us Brett is quite familiar with the area) it’s just a matter of bushwacking your way to the old road. Mind you, if you dont mind ditching the bikes, you can always go around the gate on foot and take it from there.


If you want to reach the first lookout, on the right of the falls themselves, you need to take a trail behind a warning sign, before the bridge. A short hike will take you to a gate in the middle of nowhere warning you about the upcoming cliffs.


From there, enjoy the view, and hike around a bit to find the best lookouts. Do not trust rock formations on the edge of the cliff, for it seems like they tend to collapse every thousand years or so.









Once you’re done enjoying the view on this side, head back to the main trail and walk for 2 minutes deeper in the watershed. The falls themselves are accessible by walking on the riverbed under the bridge.


If you aren’t a goat you may break your face, so warning to the less agile… It’s a beautiful walk though.


The high water mark on the riverbed is really, really high, so make sure you don’t go during the rainy season because I doubt you’d be able to make it all the way to the top of the falls. There was next to no water when we went, but it’s easy to see how torrential this little river becomes.

Well, from there, enjoy the view, listen to Bob Marley and reinvent society.





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