Epic Lake 3! July 2013, all crazies welcome

Well… at some point we’ll head to Epic Lake for an overnighter.

It could be a good occasion to try your dirtbike-camping skills. It’s a short ride from Otter Point Road, in Sooke (10 km ish), but we can always take detours. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a 650 because of a couple of obstacles, although to be fair we never tried with a bigger bike so if you’re a ninja you probably have nothing to worry about.

Let us know and we’ll let you know where and when to meet. It’s nothing THAT exciting, just a bike ride, lots of beer and swimming. Pretty spectacular though.

It’s not a very big camping spot but I’m sure we can make it work. It doesn’t take a whole lot of room to pitch a tent / hang a hammock.

Epic Lake 3 Official Announcement Video (will be released to the press / world medias / alien civilizations)

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Oooh. Aren't you up for a surprise...

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