2012 was an awesome year to ride on the Island

Legion of Old Motors is somewhat proud to present *trumpet* :

What we did in 2012!
because at some point
we need to put something together
so we can get rid of our hours of raw video

You know all those times where we didn’t answer our phones, where we came back dirty and bleeding late at night, giggling like little girls?

Yea, we were busy. We were busy exploring the outskirts of the southern Island, and it was the absolute best possible investment of our time (no offence)

We went to Sooke, “Boyd’s pit”, Butler main, Anderson rd. we got lost, looped around, connected stuff together and ran out of gas (a couple times). We went to West, South, North…well all around Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill, Burnt Bridge, the Kinsol Trestle… The ability to be on the road legally, aka Supermoto / Dual-sport allowed Ryan and I to go around Cowichan Lake, Youbou, around Duncan, Maple Bay, Mt. Tsuhalem, Genoa Bay on more road oriented rides yet booting out under powerlines or dirt roads at any given chance. We did the whole shebang, two wheels four wheels off road on the highway upside down, and we blew stuff up.

A quad died this year. Another quad should we say. Joining him soon after was the CR250, the widowmaker, which is currently being investigated and will be revived, possibly into a fun monstrosity.

But the quad…

The quad will not be revived. It will be replaced by a contraption that may or may not be on two wheels but will surely provide a lot of enjoyment and be insane.

Riding is awesome.

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