Solo to the falls – then a rescue

Update : We went back to the falls more recently, and took better pictures and some video footage. Here is the blog post about it

i woke up on friday craving a ride. Knowing bikes are busted and stores are closed i went out for a late afternoon ride by myself(ye i know). i figured – 4:20 at the falls?? ? lets try.. .i found some very overgrown trails that went close, so i stashed my bike and walked up the road to the falls. Its been a while since I was there. its all clear cut around there and gated and blocked with cement blocks . Ruined!! !
spent some nice time there – took some photos to show others who wont venture there .It is tough to get a scale of the falls cuz they dont fit in one shot.Enjoy!! !
sorry ’bout my crappy camera.

im thinkin - someone doesnt want me here
top of west leech falls
Cliffs to the left of west leech falls
top of the falls
falls from the top of the cliff(as close as im going to get-its a looooong way down)
hidden swimming hole - shhh
bottom of the falls

so Then, i walk back to the bike through really thick slash and head back. Just about th 12 km marker i come across these 2 guys next to a truck with a shredded tire and no jack or tire iron. it was about 5 :30pm . thats a long walk for them so i quickly rode to my truck, grabbed my jack but had no tire iron. i went to the closest house and borrowed one hoping it would fit( thanks neighbor!! !) I then ripped back out to the truck, ran into the guys walking back so they turned around and headed back to the truck where i went and started to change the tire, they got a ride from some daytrippers trying to head home but the butler main gate is locked full time.AAAARRGGH!! ! so we got the truck going and off we went. hopefully Dan and Larry got out ok.
now i was running out of daylight and its cold in the valley so i booked to the truck nice and quick like. returned the borrowed tire iron, and headed home feeling pretty good. it seems we all run into pretty good people on the trails willing to help each other. props!! !

helping out some stranded dudes
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2 thoughts on “Solo to the falls – then a rescue

  • April 28, 2011 at 5:04 pm
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    That`s sweet man, at least now we got footage of those falls. I’m sure we’ll hit that spot again this summer!

  • May 17, 2011 at 8:50 pm
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    next time you wanna go ride give us a call, we’ll come!! riding by yourself isnt a good idea.

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