Western Speedway Mayhem

I went to the Western Speedway last Sunday.   For 50$, you get all the gear, a bike, gas and anything else you need to ride.  Usually, they do 40 mins in, 40 mins out since they don’t have enough bikes for everybody.  Luckily, it was Rick Luptak’s birthday and somehow the rules were bent in terms of bike usage time.  It’s was pretty much regulated by common sense and friendliness, which is always good in a could of fumes and mud.


It’s a lot of fun!  There’s about a dozen bikes available, from “beginner no gearbox” to 100cc and up.  I did a lap with a ridiculously small 150 cc ish (?) 4 stroke, then a 230-250 cc ish four stroke and finally on a good oll’ two strokes.  Surprisingly, I spend the day on a 125cc, but even that was enough to eclips any four strokes (at least that’s how it felt like), confirming that I’m a fan of the huffin’ and puffin’ 2 stroke crazyness.   I stuck with that bike through the day and Jason (Green Pants.  Sooo green pants…)  tried to do the same.   As much as I enjoy riding any sort of bike, for me the 2 stroke is the winner.

Here’s some high flying dirtbike craziness in images.   The track is scattered with nice jumps and drops and thick mud.   Attendees were mostly male, some riding for the first time, a couple of girls also riding for the first time and one three year old ish kid on a tiny one speed dirtbikily.  He was having a blast, on the track, with his dad following closely.

A very highly recommended activity for the whole family.  Expect dirt.  A shovel of it.  In the face.

Above,  Jason landing a jump that the shocks may not have enjoyed, and Wittney doing her first wheelie.  Aww.



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  • March 24, 2011 at 9:25 pm
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    I had no idea you could just go ride their bikes with their gear for so cheap! Looks like a blast!

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