A sunny ride to Oliphant Lake

The funniest thing about running a GPS while riding is when it tells you that you only rode for 45 minutes… So I’ll start by saying we rode all day for 45 minutes. Here’s a map of our route.

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We parked by Spectacle lake and had a quick boot up and around Oliphant Lake. The sun was shining, but it must be cold up there when it goes behind a cloud. I don’t think I’ll start from there too often. The roads are wide, but way too bumpy for my trials bike. Next time we’ll start at Serious Coffee on the Malahat and see what that’s like.

The old trials bike is acting a bit funky.. Time too firmly attach the exhaust, clean the air filter, change the spark plug and change the gear oil… why did I just type all that in the voice of Dick Proenneke?

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