Snow riding on Mt Baldy/Wood

Karl and I had planned to ride West up the trails off of Sooke River Rd, but sort of forgot about the crazy amounts of snow, so we parked at the base of Wood Mountain on Shawnigan Rd.

We rode for a while up Wood until the snow was too thick to continue, then stopped for a break to enjoy a nice view of the lake and an eye of sun between the trees. We got some directions to some ridable trails close by from a few riders who had came up the trail not far behind us and headed off to check it out.

After a quick boot down the train tracks we were riding some SICK trails up Baldy Mountain. We will go back there soon for sure! We went as far as we could before the snow was too intense then stopped to talk to some other riders about where to go from there. After snacks we decided to all ride together and headed back in the general direction where we came.

It was my first time riding the trials bike with a group and it went pretty well. No problems keeping up with the pack and we climbed some good times hairy snow trails. Here’s some random pics.

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