Scouting run to Oliphant Lake

Saturday Karl and I went for a ride and ran in to some dudes who said you could park on Aikman Rd by Spectacle Lake and ride in towards Oliphant lake, so Monday I decided to take the mountain bike to check it out. Here’s where I parked.

As you can see it’s still very white this high up, probably close to 2 feet. The logging road was non-existent outside of a couple ATV tracks, but I decided to go anyway.

The ride was insane… The bottom of the track I followed was ice and sunk in a couple feet so the pedals were hitting hard snow on both sides. On the way in there quite a bit of downhill and I knew I’d be hating myself on the way back. By the time I made it to Oliphant I was wiped right out, but it was worth it. We should be able to ride all the way to Shawnigan from here in the Summer and the lakes in this area are a nice touch for sure. I envision rods and beer.

7kms there and back in crazy snow. Totally fun. On the way back I passed a dude on an ATV who looked at me like I was nuts. Probably should have brought the motorbike haha…

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1 cup family dude 1 cup designer dude 2/3 cup dirt bike dude 1/3 cup musician dude 1 tbls herbs and spices Actually, just dump in the entire baggy.

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