Quick ride through some puddles and beer at the pond. Yep.

It was cold, the sun was shining and we had our bikes so me and Karl decided to see if we could find a way to Grant Lake. It’s just off Renfrew Rd outside of Shawnigan and looks massive on Google Maps… We did find the trailhead, but there was some seriously pissed off signage and no way around the gate, so we decided to go up the Dickhouse trails instead.

First stop, the two massive puddles that form each winter. I made it through the first ok then did a nice sideways front wheel slide thing and ended up in stinky pond water with a bike on me. Sadly, no footage of that, but here’s a short clip of me coming back after waiting for some people to walk their bikes around the puddles.

We then headed up some nice little trails to a pond in the sun and had a beer.

After that we headed up a mountain and ended up in some squirrely snow trails which was surreal after sitting at the pond.

The moral here is that we need GoPros! Always missing the funny stuff… Anyways, awesome little ride. I got soaked, sat around in the sun and rode in snow. Thanks, Karl!

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