Thrashing the single track of death and a tranquil swim of joy

A while back I took my family to Burnt Bridge up Renfrew Rd to finally see what the Koksilah River was like. I couldn’t help noting the awesome trail network spidering out from the other side of the Bridge…

A week later I tossed my mountain bike over the gate and went for a ride down the river to see what was back there. It was impressive. There was a nice, wide lower trail following the river which appeared to be heavily ridden by various motorized things, then smaller trails going up and down the mountain. There was also a sign outlining trail usage by motorized vehicles which made me grin with joy!

I did some searching online that night and found what I thought was probably the connector to these trails… We loaded up the dirt bikes and headed down Mountain Rd until we hit a gate.

Five minutes later and something hot is splashing down my leg.. so I pull over and see that the bleed screw on my radiator has popped out at around 50km/hr on a grassy trail. Nice. I walk up the trail while swearing. This is a lost cause. One more walk down the trail. Annnnnd there it is in the grass. I pop it back in and we’re on our way again.

From there we headed down in to the valley towards the Koksilah River and found a nice spot to park and go for a swim. The water was freezing, but it must have been 34C and we were cooking in our armour.

We road a bit further up the trail, and ran in to a guy walking his dogs. The trail was seeming more like a park trail at this point so we stopped to ask him if he knew whether we were allowed to ride there. He didn’t know, but had no problem with it himself. He said he had come down a path right from where we parked and had marked the trail with lines in the dirt so we made a note for when we wanted to leave.

We road up a bit further hoping to get to Burnt Bridge, but the trail seemed to be a walking path and we really didn’t want to disturb some hikers or end up somewhere we shouldn’t be, so we turned around and tried the path the hiker had mentioned.

I’m going to refer to this trail as Frenchman’s death, named after that hiker. It was easily the most technical trail I’ve ever been on. It started off reasonably insane, slowly transitioning in to full crazy. It turned out we didn’t want to go full crazy. We road up the most hariest shit I’ve seen eventually succumbing to the sheer brutality of the climb and intense heat. We must have been no more than .5 km from the top, but I can safely say that it would have ended us to try. Even the 6km back was nuts. SWEET RIDE!

I haven’t given up though… somewhere there’s a trail from where we parked to Burnt Bridge.. Perhaps we’ll find it next weekend… or perhaps we’ll ride to Bamfield instead!



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