Solo riding on Cobble Hill

I’ve been going out by myself on little runs around the Cobble Hill Quarry the last couple of days. Lots of fun technical riding around there for me to practice.

Yesterday I parked on Thanes just after it turns in to gravel and instead of hitting the Quarry I headed up the trails on the other side of the road. Sooo glad I did… it’s really nice up there. Very technical single tracks webbing up the mountain, then it opens up at the top with low rolling rock out-crops and a great view.

I decided to continue a ways down the other side of the mountain and came across some awesome little trails heading every direction. I ended up getting a bit lost so I just followed any trails going down and ended up on some random back road. After a fair bit of sneaky neighborhood riding I found my way back to the truck.

Can’t wait to go back, but perhaps as a result of the ride or too much crappy commuting in to town every day in the gridlock that is the highway, I’ve developed quite a stitch in my stomach muscles which SUCKS! Mainly because I have the next two days to myself and today is supposed to be the last of the sun for a bit. 🙁

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