Solo Ride of Joy

I went on a super nice morning ride by myself on Saturday. I tried to park by the cement pad and motorcross track up Old Renfrew Rd, but they have dug up that entire parking area… So I parked about 300m further up under a private property sign. A few forestry trucks passed me while I was unloading and nobody gave me any dirty looks so I figured meh.

I road up to the cock hut and headed left towards the two crazy puddles where¬†Karl bailed¬†(ha!). It was surprisingly smooth which I wasn’t expecting given the month that has passed since my last ride. I ended up following some markers and found a matrix of abandoned logging roads which were seemingly endless… We’ll definitely need to head back up that way!


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1 cup family dude 1 cup designer dude 2/3 cup dirt bike dude 1/3 cup musician dude 1 tbls herbs and spices Actually, just dump in the entire baggy.

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