It finally happened. We officially got lost in the bush.

This post is three weeks old, but I figure better late than never, especially given that perhaps we learned something this day.

Paul, Karl and I headed up Renfrew Rd in Shawnigan until we hit the open bridge just past Sunny Daze campground. Our plan was to just keep going West until we could see ocean on the Westcoast, maybe hitting Bear Creek in the process.

We rode for a few hours down (I think) Jordan Main or West Jordan Main. It turned in to a road ride as this main is in really great shape which was kind of fun as I don’t have much road style experience on my bike, but it got a bit old after a while.. miss the single-track!

We kept going until gas became an issue, stopped at a nice little creek and a hoot and headed back towards the trucks.

When we were almost back to the trucks we decided to head up a trail thinking that as long as we were going up it would be ok if we ran out of gas as we could coast back down to the trucks. Somehow, a moment later we were completely turned around and quite legitimately lost.

Using the sun as our compass we decided the best move would be to start heading east until we hit a road or something. Three hours later and we were literally riding on fumes and no less lost. We finally found a very tight and extremely steep trail that seemed to take us in the right direction. It was a real commitment because there’s no way we could have gotten the bikes back up that trail.

With great relief we came upon a sweet trail we had been on two years before while camping at Sunny Daze. Within fifteen minutes we were back at the trucks wiping fear sweat from our foreheads. Being lost is a very spooky feeling. It was just after 7pm when we hit the trucks and the bikes were literally out of fuel.

Long story short, we were very lucky. From now on we will mark out turns with coloured tape and start saving for a GPS… It’s amazing how quickly this went down.


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  • January 24, 2013 at 10:14 am
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    Just an update :

    This post is 2 years old and we STILL don’t mark the trails with coloured tape.

    Never learn from your mistakes. Never!

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