How to get a dirt bike behind Burnt Bridge the fun way!

Me and Paul had a couple good days on the KTMs a couple weeks back. The first day was spent tooling around dickhouse which was fun as usual. I’m looking forward to the puddles forming up there now that the summer is coming to an end…

On day two we decided to make a second attempt at reaching Burnt Bridge from Mountain Rd and I’m glad we did! Instant hill climbs, single tracks and they only got better as we went. The trick is to cross the gate after parking and always choose the trail going up.

Eventually you’ll come to a fork. Up goes to Eagle Heights and down goes to Burnt Bridge. We went up and found one of the funnest single track trails I’ve ever tried and it was LONG.

We ended up taking the lower trail on the way back and all of a sudden we popped out on the other side of the gate at Burnt Bridge! We were low on gas so didn’t get a chance to play around much, but the trail is known now and it’s a pretty quick ride if you go straight there.



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