Bike RIP – 3 hours later – REBORN!

Karl and I decided we’d cruise randomly towards Cowichan Lake and stop wherever looked fun. We ended up parking on Paldi Rd on the Cowichan Valley Hwy. There was a fun dirt trail following the highway below some power lines which we followed for around an hour. Eventually the trail stopped at a road, but appeared to continue on the other side so we crossed. A few minutes later and there’s a truck coming the other way with a seemingly irate driver.

It turned out we were on this guy’s driveway coming from the house side so he was a bit apprehensive as to why we were there. We explained that we were following the power lines trail so he gives us directions to all the best spots found locally. He said that he moved there for the riding and had a fair bit of information to share.

We decided to turn around and go West from Paldi Rd instead of East, but as we approached the truck my KTM bagged out on me! It ran fine until around half throttle, then put-put-put.. 🙁  I tried to troubleshoot on the side of the road, but nothing was working so we decided to cut the day short.

There was a blocked off road beside the truck so we figured we may as well burn up it and find a place to sit back and smoke a doobie. 2kms up the road and what the hell? A perfectly manicured tiny grave yard in the middle of nowhere! How sadly fitting. You can see the poor KTM crying in the background.

So that was a major let down… Lots of driving, early morning… and NO RIDE! 🙁

We decided that the obvious choice for the day was to pick up a case of beer and chill in the pool. A few hours later the beer is all gone and we are riled up so we decide to throw on our gear and go for a quick burn from my driveway.

We cruised down the trail at the end of road and hit the train tracks. It should be noted that I have never done this before and probably wouldn’t have if not for the beer.. I know I know, bad idea. Anyway, it was super fun pinning it down the train tracks. We ended up whaling up some trail to the top of Mt Baldy which provided a magnificent view.

On the way back, we pitstopped by some sort of monument on the tracks. It turned out it was in honour of the final tie going in to the track in the late 1800’s and was hammered in by John A Mac Donald. I don’t really understand how the final tie would be in the middle of nowhere with track going in both directions, but there you have it.

Oddly, on the way back down the tracks my KTM shit out a clump of something and came back to life! Perhaps something blocking a jet? Either way I’m going to clean the hell out of it… Might take it out today just to see how she handles.. Wish me luck!



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