Dickhouse Mayhem

Not really knowing where to go and Ryan’s bike being out of a clutch, we decided to go to Dickhouse again, Ryan riding the old TY 250.¬†We went waaaaayyyyy out there go some previously unexplored areas.


Eventually we got out o there and carried on riding, keeping in mind that we should do stupid stuff on the way back.

and obviously had a lot of wet fun.

Crazy Deep Puddle
At this point we crossed that puddle a couple of times, but we always took it on the left. It wasn’t very convenient because it’s hairy and slippery, so, since the day was almost over, I decided to take it right in the middle. Opposed to what Ryan is saying in the clip, I knew how deep the puddle was; A couple of weeks earlier we stayed jammed at those same puddles, got passed by a bunch of riders and we lost track of one of them in that same puddle, for a second. He vanished.

Bret took that same puddle right after me, with a little more success.

Oh it’s on, Dickhouse!

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  • March 2, 2011 at 1:07 pm
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    Holy crap check out my bad ass ponch! Pretty sure that’s gone now.

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