Last Ride of the Year?? ?

Ryan and I went for a great ride on December 5 2009, possibly the last ride of the year.(THX #5) – The weather was unbelievable! Full sun maybe 5- 8 degrees. We didnt get out till 1:30 so i think we missed the cold but we did ride through alot of ice left on the ground.

Went to blueberry flats, i needed a chill spot to break in my bike after i rebuilt the top end.

10 minute chill ride, let it cool, 20 minute ride, let it cool, then 30 – 45 minute giving more throttle each time. It was GREAT to get back on the bike, even for such a chill ride. The bike seemed pretty good. getting pretty peppy towards the end of the ride Cant wait till the next time, probably wont be till next year now – but you never know.

Merry HO HO and a Happy Monkeybutt to all

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