Epic fail on the way to epic falls (clinic and stitches)

Great day to ride on September 07, 2009. We headed up Trail Head X with our bikes, me ready to give a first test run to my new CR 250 2001.

Here’s a piece of the action :

I followed Ryan for a bit. We were just riding, rediscovering the area, getting used to the bike.

Still riding on the logging road (the same actually), we took a left in a little riverbed we did before, and we FLEW through the whole thing. Well, we flew…Ryan flew, and I had my first bail of the day at the end of the clip.

Getting back on my bike, I carried on in that crazy little trail, untill I met with Ryan.

…And then I bailed. Probably my best bail since we started riding. Notice the makeshift wrapping around my arm. Ducktape and kleenex…even if it was quite handy on the spot, it wasn’t fun ripping that off at the clinic, but it held that pretty blatant gap on my arm until we finished riding back to the truck.

Aside from the visit at the clinic due to that pretty epic crash that ripped my brake lever right off the bike, broke my rear fairing, rashed both my elbows and left me with that deep opening in my arm, it was a pretty cool day. I’ll know if stitches are required soon (update : nop, no stitches required…cuz they don’t stitch roadrash).

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