Benny Hill sighting at Butler Main

Me and 21 Hit Butler Main on Saturday in hopes of a lunch at Bear Creek, but we got stopped by some SICK snow about 10kms up. Two feet deep on the road and it didn’t appear to only be a patch… We ran in to a couple trappers who confirmed what 21 had heard – ATV’ers were able to ride over the gates on the snow further on up the road!

Below is a video Benny Hill (aka Brett) showing a high level of hilarity on our way to Bear Creek

We looped back to Bone Yard in hopes of avoiding the snow and ended up chilling in the sun along the Sooke River.

9km up Bone Yard on the Sooke River


It had no snow.

We came across a wigwam on the Sooke River too.


We also came across a nice pile of garbage.

I wonder why they hate us riding and chilling up here?

All in all a really good day out on the bikes! We need to find a solution for the gate there because it’s some sweet sunny day riding. There are a couple beautiful lakes and some crazy hidden potholes… nothing else like it on the lower island. We did get a stern finger shaking from some old dude in a truck – nod and ride on. It’s fine draggin the TY under the gate, but I totally won’t do that to the battle cat! 🙂
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