Mysterious Trailhead X

Me and K went out on Sunday hoping to find a way in to Butler Main for some fast riding. Ended up tailing a truck with a couple bikes out of Sooke and found a SWEET new riding spot that isn’t too far out. I’d post pics but the powerful and crafty Trailhead X was able to thwart me by way of a dead battery in my phone.

I won’t bother posting a map link or mentioning the road name either. I got the feeling that it was a secret too powerful to be shared outside of the locals that ride there (and a sparce collective of dastardly LoOmers).
We rode up a pretty steep river until we reached snow. I had my first nice bail. GOOD TIMES!
My entire body is not cool now. Not cool. Can’t wait until next weekend!


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1 cup family dude 1 cup designer dude 2/3 cup dirt bike dude 1/3 cup musician dude 1 tbls herbs and spices Actually, just dump in the entire baggy.

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