Legion of Old Motors

Just some dudes riding bikes on Vancouver Island

What lurks behind Bear Mountain


It was a nice day out and I decided to go check out the back of Bear Mountain. I heard about it, but never took the bike out that way before. Wow that was a blast! It’s definitively a very finite area, with some trails seemingly ending directly on the golf course, and residences can  [ Read More ]

Victoria – Summerland full ride

victoria to summerland

Here’s the complete video of my ride from Victoria to Summerland at the end of June 2014. It rained 4 times on my way there, I saw 3 speed traps, 1 brown bear, almost got taken out by a fish and got pulled over for riding standing up (and given the breathalyzer for smelling like  [ Read More ]

For sale – GasGas FSR 450 2007 sumo 4000$


Selling my gasgas that I haven’t used all summer. It’s in fantastic shape, but the ECU has been giving me a bit of trouble at the beginning of the season. Aside from that it’s a great bike. Comes with dirt conversion kit (chain, sproket, front brake, extra wheels with dirt/trial tires. 4000$ I took it  [ Read More ]

On any Sunday


We’ve been riding quite a bit this summer (8k km on the DRZ!) Here’s a bit of footage of our usual summery Sundays. First bits are from Shawnigan Lake to Bright Angel Park in Ducan, hitting the Cobble hill Quarry on the way back. When going around obstacles and gates, that’s mostly from the shortcuts  [ Read More ]

Illegal fun overdose

oops cop

Here I was in the Interior BC having one of those psychotically hilarious days where far too much fun was to be had. The nice officer stopped me to make sure I didn’t need anything, then we parted ways vowing to bring our families together next Christmas. Can you have too much fun on a  [ Read More ]

Fish slap in Summerland


I almost got hit by a fish while riding in Summerland BC last week. That’s something you don’t see every day.  

Ride to the Interior

interior road

Survivor Man Style DRZ Sumo Adventure in Interior BC A couple of friends are getting married in Summerland and I figured, about a year ago, that it would be a great motorcycle ride getting there and back; 500km each way.  Friday June 27th it’ll be time to put the DRZ to the test. Since nobody is keen  [ Read More ]

Riding to Whistler and golfing like a tool


I went to Whistler for a Stag a few weeks back. The Sea to Sky was fantastic to ride, but I’m absolutely terrible at golf. Here’s how it went down. Pathetic golfing skills starts at 6:22.

The Renfrew-Cowichan Loop


A few weeks ago Ry and I decided to do the Cowichan-Renfrew loop with our sumos. We didn’t plan it much as usual, and I headed to the Quarry in Cobble Hill to meet Ry, where we held a safety meeting while drinking a coffee. Here’s a few pics we took on the way. As  [ Read More ]

Nickis Nest Adventure – UPDATE!

nikkis nest

On a sunny day after we learned about an expedition to head down to Nickis Nest we joined up with a group of folks we didn’t know in hopes of doing a part of the way with them. With Ryan and I both riding Supermotos sporting sumo tires, we figured we wouldn’t make it very  [ Read More ]

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