Legion of Old Motors

Just some dudes riding bikes on Vancouver Island

Riding in town in January

tudu tudu

I couldn’t take it anymore, got the bike on the road and went for a ride downtown and to my favorite trails within the city limit. It was awesome. Unfortunately Brett’s DR350 won’t start and Ryan’s DRZ is still exploded… F it it’s summer now.

Riding the Malahat


Early this summer we randomly went up the Malahat in a spot where we haven’t been since we were riding our dirtbikes. To our surprise much of the trails were now gravel roads, with lots almost ready to sell. We used the area to access powerlies and trails we remembered and had fun up there  [ Read More ]

The littlest Mofo


For some reason that song got stuck in my (and everyone else’s!) head again about a week ago. I had to do something about it, so behold! the most Canadian video we’ve ever made on the Opening theme of The Littlest Hobo.

Stuck in Mud and Cops


Brett and I went for a ride today, again. We ended up by the Hartland dump, but more importantly our ride started pretty shittily as we got pulled over on Latoria for trespassing (trespass trespass!) on the portion of the road they closed last year. Well shit. No arm done tho, all clear. “You guys  [ Read More ]

Update Olympic Peninsula


Holy smokes! We’ve been drowning in emails since the last post, it generated lots of interest, so here’s a thread for updates. Here’s a few answers to those as of April 08, 2016 – Yes, we are very interested in enlarging our penises, although it tend to be a taboo among motorcyclists. Switching from road  [ Read More ]

Ride around the Olympic Peninsula

olympic peninsula

We’ve been riding on Southern Vancouver Island for many years, with little to no planning. This summer, for a change, we will most probably head for a ride around the Olympic Peninsula after a quick ferry ride to Port Angeles. We do not have a specific schedule nor path; inputs are welcome, as this is  [ Read More ]


Well, it’s full on winter in Canada (although not in Victoria, but it’s not summer…) To fight boredom and keep my $hit together, I made a new and random serie, Motocooking. Enjoy. ish. In the first episode I made chocolate cookies from a friend’s recipe. For the second episode I decided to make the cake  [ Read More ]

10 000 km of awesome


I bought my DRZ in March 2014. Throughout the summer riding across the Island, to Whistler and to Summerland I stacked a somewhat respectable 10 000 km on it, which is a bit sad considering that the bike had 20 000 since 2008, before I bought it. Oh well, I like to think it’s having  [ Read More ]

What lurks behind Bear Mountain


It was a nice day out and I decided to go check out the back of Bear Mountain. I heard about it, but never took the bike out that way before. Wow that was a blast! It’s definitively a very finite area, with some trails seemingly ending directly on the golf course, and residences can  [ Read More ]

Victoria – Summerland full ride

victoria to summerland

Here’s the complete video of my ride from Victoria to Summerland at the end of June 2014. It rained 4 times on my way there, I saw 3 speed traps, 1 brown bear, almost got taken out by a fish and got pulled over for riding standing up (and given the breathalyzer for smelling like  [ Read More ]

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