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Just some dudes riding bikes on Vancouver Island

Solo Renfrew loop first warm day of Spring!


So I’ve been wanting to do ‘the loop’ (aka Pacific Marine Circle Route) since getting my insured bike a couple Summers ago, but was apprehensive to do it by myself being that the majority is outside of cell range and my tank gets me just around the distance between Cowichan Lake and Sooke.. Running out  [ Read More ]

Back on the bikes and bear!


That’s it! We’re riding. That’s all there is to say about that. It’s been a long winter, and we’ve had many bikes misadventures. The GasGas, currently having some technical difficulties, has been replaced by a (second) DRZ400sm, which is, so far, well worthy of its reputation as the most reliable supermoto. It’s definitely a fun  [ Read More ]

We shall officially begin riding soon…


We. Cannot. Wait. My spokes are on the way back from Cali, I’ll gear up (jacket, pants, boots) and off I go. I want to head to the golf islands pretty early on this year, and most probably go a few times. Go tthe SMH5 in the helmet so hopefully I’ll be able to pair  [ Read More ]

Spokes needed and lost GoPro


Our 2014 season is up for a rough start; The GasGas’ back wheel need to be respoked and one of our faithful gopros decided to eject from Ryan’s helmet. Unfortunately, the spokes on my trippy spanish supermoto wheel aren’t really easy to find. It’s a bit of a downside of this wonderful and unique bike;  [ Read More ]

Fantastic 2013 season


Another riding season completed, another buttload of memories and fantastic experience on two wheels with the compadres. Here’s what we’ve been up to this summer, from East Sooke Park (huhuhu) to Jordan River and Duncan; we rode new uncharted territories and ignored warning signs while remaining respectful of wheelless individuals. More riding to come, maybe  [ Read More ]

West Leech Falls – Revisited and documented


We were wondering where to go, on a Sunny Sunday of September. It would have been a waste to not do a bit of an epic ride on such a beautiful day. Over time, we noticed on our website’s stats that we were continuously getting hits by visitors looking for the pics we took of  [ Read More ]

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